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Our Culture

Culture is the soil in which vision grows.

  • Culture of God's Presence- We understand that when God's tangible presence enters a room anything is possible: the hardest of hearts soften, blind eyes open, the deaf can hear, and the oppressed are set free. So we are a people that seek and value the presence of God through worship and prayer.  Our desire is to see God's will done on earth as it is in heaven. 

  • Culture of Honor- We see the value and God given potential in every life. Therefore, we honor and serve others. We value not only where they are at, but also who they are becoming through Jesus.

  • Culture of Freedom- Jesus purchased our freedom through his death, burial, and resurrection. It is our passion to see people walk in that freedom and help them learn to steward it well. Freedom allows us to grow into who God created us to be: the very best, authentic, and unique version of ourselves.   

  • Culture of Family- We value community; a place that feels like family where we love others, help those in need, and build a community that supports and values each individual, race, and culture. We desire to create an atmosphere where anyone is welcome and invited. 

  • Culture of Risk- It is impossible to please God without faith. We value the heart that says yes to God. We desire to be obedient to God's Word even if this means taking a risk. 

  • Culture of Generosity- We value a life spent on Jesus where we hold nothing back and allow Him to use our time, talents, and resources as He desires. We have been given so much, through our inheritance in Jesus, so we live life with generosity.

  • Culture of Legacy-  We have a strong desire to train and equip leaders, plant new churches, send and support missionaries, and come along side people to help them discover their God given dreams.

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